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Your Clients Want It. Now, You Can Offer It: Home Automation!


How a Leading Home Automation Company in Vancouver Gives You the Competitive Edge

As a design-build company, you know what’s required to build a luxury home or remodel one. It takes experience, hard work, creativity, and thorough knowledge of the industry. The end result of your labor is a beautiful home your client loves and lives in for many years. However, most custom home builders are working hard to achieve the same thing. So, how do you rise above the rest and stand out from the other contractors in your area?

Smart home automation is the answer! The industry is absolutely exploding, as we’ll discuss below. Your company can expand the service you offer by partnering with Graytek, a leading home automation company in Vancouver, BC. Read more to see why adding smart home integration to your repertoire of services is a smart choice. 

Is a Smart Home an Energy-Saving System?


Your clients will love how their home automation system reduces monthly costs

Smart technology adds convenience to our everyday lifestyles by allowing us to control our home’s devices with just a tap. But it does so much more than just that—it also allows homeowners to manage their energy usage better, reducing their carbon footprint and electricity bills. Learn why including a smart home energy-saving system in your building projects will appeal to potential clients in Vancouver, BC.

Impress Potential Buyers With A Custom Home Theatre


Stand out from the competition with luxury home entertainment technology

Homebuilders interested in making an impression on potential buyers in the luxury market must go above and beyond on their projects to stand out from the crowd. A home theatre system is one of the ways that you can appeal to potential buyers. The best way to incorporate a custom cinema is to bring on a professional integrator before construction is complete. Discover why builders should work with an integrator early in the process when installing a custom home theatre in Vancouver, BC.

Why Builders Should Bring Crestron Home Automation to their Projects


Stand out from the competition with intuitive technology that responds to a tap

There has been more demand for homes than ever, and upscale home buyers are interested in more than just beautiful properties; they also want the convenience of modern technology. As a result, builders, architects, and interior designers should consider partnering with a dedicated integrator to bring smart technology to their projects. Keep reading to learn how a Crestron smart home automation system will enhance your building projects in Vancouver, BC.

Why Builders Should Install Home Audio Distribution


Bring an audio-video integrator into your projects to impress potential clients

Audio distribution has become a popular component of smart homes in houses across the country. After all, being able to walk throughout your home and have your music follow you is appealing to all kinds of homeowners. They can play a different song in every room or the same song in every room, or even schedule specific albums to play at certain times of the day. In addition, whole-home audio puts your client's media library in the palm of their hand. 

As the demand for integrated audio distribution increases, builders have begun to bring integrators into the early stages of new construction to meet their clients' smart technology needs. If you are a builder in the Vancouver, BC, area, you might be wondering if you should partner with an integrator in your next project. In this blog, we break down the benefits of including home audio distribution in your builds.

Automated Roller Shades Add Style To Your Interior Design Project


Make your designs stand out from the competition with intuitive smart technology

Interior designers are renowned for delivering their clients a beautiful and sleek home. Unfortunately, most people think that smart technology detracts from the design of a home. We are here to tell you that smart devices can blend in and even enhance the aesthetics of a space. For example, window treatments add style to any room and allow you to use natural light to its fullest in your projects. Read on to learn how automated roller shades will enhance your interior design projects in Vancouver, BC and beyond.

3 Unparalleled Lifestyle Benefits of Lutron Lighting


Homeowners everywhere love the convenience and style that Lutron solutions bring 

Lighting control is an appealing solution for homeowners who are interested in creating the perfect smart home. Not only does it add convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency to their lifestyles, but it also allows them to precisely set the intensity and color temperature of every fixture in their homes. With just a few taps, smarter control makes it easy for you to manage your home's lighting no matter where you are in the world. Read on to discover how Lutron lighting will enhance your lifestyle in Vancouver, BC.

Hidden Technology Blends In Seamlessly With Your Interior Design


 Architectural speakers and hidden television displays bring style to home entertainment 

Your home is a reflection of your personal style and décor. There is no need to sacrifice the aesthetics of your space for the sake of high-performance technology. Instead, make your life easier and more convenient with entertainment technology that blends in with your room. Your speakers, displays, and control components will disappear into your walls, ceiling, furniture, and more. Our experts are here to design the perfect home entertainment solutions for your lifestyle carefully. Discover hidden technology that will add both style and high-end entertainment technology into your home in Vancouver, BC.

Trust A Professional with Your Luxury Home Theatre Design


Gain peace of mind with a reliable and high-end installation by working with the experts

Home entertainment has become more important than ever, and homeowners across the country are upgrading their audio-video equipment to enjoy their favorite media better. Whether you plan to watch the latest movie releases on the big screen without leaving your home or binge your favorite TV shows with the family, a dedicated home theatre will take your experience to the next level. But to enjoy your home entertainment to the fullest, you need a home theatre that is properly designed and installed. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of working with a professional when completing a home theatre design in Vancouver, BC.

Manage All Your Smart Technology with Control4 Home Automation


Discover the convenience and comfort that a smart home system brings to your lifestyle

Smart technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives due to the convenience it adds to our routines and its ease of use. But as you add more smart devices from different brands, you get more apps and remotes to control everything, defeating the supposed convenience. The best way to solve this problem is to install one system that can integrate all your technology into one centralized interface. Control4 is an industry leader in creating powerful and intuitive smart home systems. Read on to learn how a Control4 home automation system will enhance your life in Vancouver, BC.

Why We Love Crestron Home Automation


Discover why we recommend Crestron home systems to our clients in Vancouver, BC

Our homes have more internet-connected devices than ever, from smart thermostats to lighting control systems to motorized shades. As more smart technology is added, our homes become cluttered with more remotes and our phones with more apps. What if there was a way to consolidate all of your smart devices into one centralized control system? Home automation allows you to integrate your smart technology into one system seamlessly. Out of all the home automation brands on the market, we recommend Crestron to our clients. Learn why homeowners in the Vancouver, BC, area trust Crestron home automation to manage their smart technology.

3 Tips For Installing An Outdoor Audio System


Listen to your favorite music and podcasts while you spend time outside

There is no need to limit your music to your indoor spaces. Instead, decide where and how you want to listen to your favorite playlists, podcasts, and more with an outdoor speaker system. Whether you have an expansive property that you want to blanket with music that follows you wherever you go or powerful sound on your porch or patio, there is an outdoor audio system for you. Upgrade your outdoor living spaces with an outdoor entertainment system that responds to intuitive control. Learn three tips for installing an outdoor audio system in your Vancouver, BC home.

3 Signs You Need Home Media Distribution


Simplify control of your entertainment with distributed AV from Control4

Are you tired of dealing with a pile of remotes to control your home entertainment? Or having to buy components for every television in your home? It might be time to upgrade your home entertainment system to distributed AV for easy access and control of all your AV devices. Not sure if home media distribution is suitable for you? Read on to learn three signs that you need to invest in home media distribution in your Vancouver, BC, area home.

Distributed AV Services Simplify Control Of Your Home Entertainment


With just a tap of a button, easily manage all the AV devices in your home

Home entertainment has become more critical than ever in the past few years. Streaming services, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray players have brought stunning 4K content into our homes. Enjoy fully integrated control of your smart devices by connecting all your components to a distributed AV system. With just a tap, play your favorite playlist in every room of your home, start your movie, or move your TV marathon to another room. Learn how distributed AV services will enhance your home entertainment in Vancouver, BC.

Experience The Luxury Of Lutron Motorized Shades


Enjoy one-touch control of every window treatment in your home with intuitive smart technology

Imagine being able to control every window treatment in your home with just the tap of a button. Automated window treatments make it easy to adjust your shades with an intuitive app on your smartphone or a stylish wall panel. Enhance your lifestyle in Vancouver, BC, with these luxury motorized shades from Lutron. Read on to learn more about the different types of shades Lutron offers and discover which is the best fit for your home.

3 Lifestyle Benefits Of Home Lighting Automation


Lighting control adds style and function to your home in Vancouver

Smart lighting has become more prevalent in recent years, and homeowners worldwide are enjoying added convenience and style in their homes. If you are thinking of taking the leap into smart lighting, discover a whole world of possibilities that this convenience will add to your lifestyle. But the benefits aren’t limited to just convenience. Read on to learn three ways that home lighting automation will improve your life in Vancouver, BC.

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