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3 Tips For Installing An Outdoor Audio System


Listen to your favorite music and podcasts while you spend time outside

There is no need to limit your music to your indoor spaces. Instead, decide where and how you want to listen to your favorite playlists, podcasts, and more with an outdoor speaker system. Whether you have an expansive property that you want to blanket with music that follows you wherever you go or powerful sound on your porch or patio, there is an outdoor audio system for you. Upgrade your outdoor living spaces with an outdoor entertainment system that responds to intuitive control. Learn three tips for installing an outdoor audio system in your Vancouver, BC home.

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Use Outdoor Speakers

No matter how high-end your indoor speakers are, they aren’t built for outdoor use. Indoor audio systems rely on the reflective surfaces that enclose an indoor space, like the walls, floor, and ceiling, to create an even and powerful sound. Because outdoor areas do not have walls and they have external noises such as cars, voices, birds, and more, an indoor system will not function well outside. Indoor speakers are also not built to withstand harsh weather conditions such as extreme temperatures, rain, dust, snow, and more. Instead, outdoor speakers are carefully crafted to tolerate anything that mother nature throws at them, so you can rest easy knowing that your system will last you for years to come.

Consider Your Landscaping

While performance is your top priority, the appearance of your speakers might also be vital if you have a carefully planned landscape design. Outdoor speakers can be built to blend into the background to not distract from your landscaping, architecture, or water features. Bury bulky subwoofers and speakers for a robust audio solution that is seen but not heard. High-end rock speakers blend seamlessly with your foliage and are placed strategically in your garden beds or by your pool. For your porch or patio, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers offer discreet solutions perfect for any occasion.

Work with a Professional

Partnering with a professional AV installer is the best way to ensure that your outdoor audio system performs at its best while also blending into your landscape design. Our experts will customize your speaker design to the specific dimensions of your property, taking into account coverage, foliage, and architecture to determine how many speakers to use and where to place them. Whether you want speakers on your porch or patio or throughout your entire property, enjoy cutting-edge audio that is uniform and crisp. Best of all, we will be here to provide updates and adjustments as needed to ensure that your audio system lasts.

Are you ready to bring music to your outdoor spaces? Contact us by calling (604) 529-1034 or filling out our online form here. We would love to hear from you!

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