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Automated Roller Shades Add Style To Your Interior Design Project


Make your designs stand out from the competition with intuitive smart technology

Interior designers are renowned for delivering their clients a beautiful and sleek home. Unfortunately, most people think that smart technology detracts from the design of a home. We are here to tell you that smart devices can blend in and even enhance the aesthetics of a space. For example, window treatments add style to any room and allow you to use natural light to its fullest in your projects. Read on to learn how automated roller shades will enhance your interior design projects in Vancouver, BC and beyond.

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No Pesky Cords

While window treatments are a necessary part of any home, one of the drawbacks of manual blinds is that the cords detract from your interior design. Not only that, it’s a struggle to use them as they often tangle or get stuck. Manual blinds are not a good fit for a stylish and clean interior design, and even cordless options can be inconvenient when they get stuck. Automated window treatments open or close with just a few taps on your client's smart device of choice and do not need cords. They integrate seamlessly with any interior design and can be customized with several fabrics, styles, and colors. Create the perfect window treatments for your client's space and incorporate them into your design.

Flush-Mounted Shades and Keypads

If you are working on a new construction, you can work with the home builder to include a recessed space within the window frame to conceal the mount, resulting in a flush-mount installation for a clean interior design. If you are working on an existing home and do not have that space built-in, a local integrator will help you find a motorized shade solution that doesn’t distract from your interior design. In-wall keypads can also be flush-mounted into the wall and customized to fit the aesthetic of the space. Each keypad comes in different colors, finishes, and designs to provide a truly unique experience to your client.


Motorized shades are easily controlled from a wall keypad, tablet, remote, or smart device with a few simple taps. But the convenience doesn't end there—automation allows shades to move automatically based on your client’s preferences. For example, clients can schedule the shades to open as the sun rises and close as the sun sets. Or maybe you want to protect your client's furniture from UV rays. Having to close manual blinds is a hassle, so the client might leave them open, causing long-term damage. On the other hand, automated roller shades use photosensors to lower automatically when they detect direct sunlight. Partner your motorized shade solution with smart lighting that automatically adjusts based on the amount of the sun entering the home, saving your client energy in the process.

Graytek is a locally-owned and operated smart technology integrator with experience working with a wide variety of interior designers in the Vancouver area. Whether you are working on a new build or a retrofit, our technology solutions will impress your clients and set you apart from the competition. If you are ready to enhance your interior design projects with automated roller shades, contact us by calling (604) 529-1034 or filling out our online form here. We would love to hear from you!

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