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Is a Smart Home an Energy-Saving System?


Your clients will love how their home automation system reduces monthly costs

Smart technology adds convenience to our everyday lifestyles by allowing us to control our home’s devices with just a tap. But it does so much more than just that—it also allows homeowners to manage their energy usage better, reducing their carbon footprint and electricity bills. Learn why including a smart home energy-saving system in your building projects will appeal to potential clients in Vancouver, BC.

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Lighting Control

Everyone forgets to turn off the lights when they leave a room sometimes. Whether your clients are busy and head out to work in a hurry or have forgetful kids, they will love the peace of mind that a lighting control system brings. Motion sensors will detect when a room is empty and automatically turn off the lights when they are no longer needed, ensuring that the lights are only on when necessary, so that they do not waste energy.

“All Off” Command

Homeowners leaving in a hurry to catch a flight or get to an important meeting sometimes forget to turn off the television or radio. With smart technology, your clients can easily access and manage their devices on a smartphone, allowing them to turn things off even when they are away from home. But what if they could eliminate the need to check in the first place? A home automation system makes leaving the house a breeze—program an “All Off” command that turns off all electronic devices still running. They can customize this feature by automatically activating it when the security system is armed, a motion sensor detects no motion for a certain amount of time, or the front door is closed and locked, bringing peace of mind that their devices are turned off.

Climate Control

One of the biggest energy users is your client’s HVAC system, and with good reason. Temperature plays a large role in ensuring that people are comfortable in their own homes. A house that is blazing hot or freezing cold is unpleasant for anyone. A home automation system allows your clients to have the comfort of temperature regulation without wasting energy. Your clients can schedule their air conditioner or heater to turn off during the day while they are at work to save energy. The HVAC system will coordinate with other products to further regulate the temperature. 

Automated window treatments can be programmed to close automatically during the hottest parts of the day or when the room reaches a certain temperature to keep the house cool and operating at peak efficiency without overtaxing the air conditioner. Homeowners can also program ceiling fans to turn on and off automatically. This helps the HVAC system work more efficiently by circulating the cool or warm air, decreasing the energy consumption in the house.

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