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Your Clients Want It. Now, You Can Offer It: Home Automation!


How a Leading Home Automation Company in Vancouver Gives You the Competitive Edge

As a design-build company, you know what’s required to build a luxury home or remodel one. It takes experience, hard work, creativity, and thorough knowledge of the industry. The end result of your labor is a beautiful home your client loves and lives in for many years. However, most custom home builders are working hard to achieve the same thing. So, how do you rise above the rest and stand out from the other contractors in your area?

Smart home automation is the answer! The industry is absolutely exploding, as we’ll discuss below. Your company can expand the service you offer by partnering with Graytek, a leading home automation company in Vancouver, BC. Read more to see why adding smart home integration to your repertoire of services is a smart choice. 

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Is a Smart Home an Energy-Saving System?


Your clients will love how their home automation system reduces monthly costs

Smart technology adds convenience to our everyday lifestyles by allowing us to control our home’s devices with just a tap. But it does so much more than just that—it also allows homeowners to manage their energy usage better, reducing their carbon footprint and electricity bills. Learn why including a smart home energy-saving system in your building projects will appeal to potential clients in Vancouver, BC.

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Impress Potential Buyers With A Custom Home Theatre


Stand out from the competition with luxury home entertainment technology

Homebuilders interested in making an impression on potential buyers in the luxury market must go above and beyond on their projects to stand out from the crowd. A home theatre system is one of the ways that you can appeal to potential buyers. The best way to incorporate a custom cinema is to bring on a professional integrator before construction is complete. Discover why builders should work with an integrator early in the process when installing a custom home theatre in Vancouver, BC.

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Why Builders Should Bring Crestron Home Automation to their Projects


Stand out from the competition with intuitive technology that responds to a tap

There has been more demand for homes than ever, and upscale home buyers are interested in more than just beautiful properties; they also want the convenience of modern technology. As a result, builders, architects, and interior designers should consider partnering with a dedicated integrator to bring smart technology to their projects. Keep reading to learn how a Crestron smart home automation system will enhance your building projects in Vancouver, BC.

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