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Impress Potential Buyers With A Custom Home Theatre


Stand out from the competition with luxury home entertainment technology

Homebuilders interested in making an impression on potential buyers in the luxury market must go above and beyond on their projects to stand out from the crowd. A home theatre system is one of the ways that you can appeal to potential buyers. The best way to incorporate a custom cinema is to bring on a professional integrator before construction is complete. Discover why builders should work with an integrator early in the process when installing a custom home theatre in Vancouver, BC.

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More Than Just AV

You need more than just an audio and video system to call a space a theatre. Every aspect of the room should be optimized to produce the best results. Components such as lighting control to easily dim the lights, acoustic treatments to create the perfect acoustic atmosphere, and ergonomic theatre seating that supports hours of binging are all also important components. Soundproofing is a good choice for theatres close to bedrooms so that your clients don't wake anyone up when having a late-night movie marathon. The easiest time to install soundproofing and acoustic treatments is before the drywall has been installed so that insulation material can be placed. Then, audio-video technicians will work with your pre-existing blueprints to create a plan for pre-wiring the space so all of your client’s smart technology and home entertainment systems can easily be installed.

Stand Out From The Crowd

A dedicated home cinema will help your homes stand out from your competitors and increase your profits. Homeowners in the luxury market want all of the latest amenities in their properties and are willing to pay more to get the best of the best. In addition, we consume more entertainment at home than ever before, so potential clients will value a space that creates the perfect environment for watching movies and TV shows. It will also set you apart from other builders that do not provide dedicated entertainment areas in new homes.

Less Time

Clients often have a limited timeline between the purchase of a new home and the move-in date. Having construction projects going on after that time will cause unnecessary stress. By cooperating with a custom home theatre expert earlier in the project, builders will reduce the time spent on the installation, eliminate the need to open walls to install wiring down the line and minimize potential complications that could ruin your client’s budget.

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