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Our staff is continually trained on the latest industry trends and products in order to deliver a wide variety of first-class smart home services. Through our wide-reaching capabilities we offer technology solutions in Vancouver and Burnaby, BC, entirely tailored to your needs.


To create personalized technology solutions for you, we need to know as much as we can about you. All our projects begin with a discovery meeting at our office/showroom. We will go over your home plans and utilize our showroom to help discover what works for you. After asking a variety of questions to ascertain your needs and performance expectations, we’ll advise you on the products and solutions that make the most sense for your lifestyle.

Project Specification

Once we’ve undergone that original discovery meeting, we’ll document it to include your specific budget qualifications and performance expectations. The initial design proposal outlines the subsystems you want to include in your home.  We go in-depth to outline the features and functionality when it comes to home lighting control, audio, video and networking solutions etc. After presenting the project specification, we will integrate any of your feedback before proceeding to the project design.

Design & Rough-in

We take the approved project specifications and interpret them with exacting detail to match all of the capabilities and functionality you expect. At this stage we’ll begin to produce the documentation required to complete the project. Backed with Computed Aided Design (CAD) technology and project drawings, our design team crafts a comprehensive plan for all technicians and trade partners to follow. These include vital information on low-voltage wiring, looping and grouping of lighting loads, engineering schematics, rack elevations and keypad specifications. It is also at this stage that the rough-in stage of the site construction will take place – our production team will work to pull and install all the required wire and rough-in fixtures to ensure the system will operate as designed.


No project is complete without the programming and system configuration needed to create a platform that brings all your technology together. Reliable programming serves as a universal language between your lighting, audio, video, security and more. Each one of our programmers brings their technical expertise to create an effortless control experience via touch screens, keypads, remotes and smart devices. Every job is unique so we will tailor your system interfaces to match your project’s capabilities and desired functionality.

System Documentation

Extensive documentation in the form of CAD designs and project drawings results in a streamlined and transparent construction and installation process that lets us stay within schedule. This documentation serves as a vital tool for our technicians to use to ensure the end result includes all the capabilities and functionalities you wanted. Our project documentation will include all low-voltage wiring requirements, device locations, power specifications, rack elevations and schematic level drawings as required. We share this documentation with you as well as your, architects or designers involved in the process.

Project Management

Coordinating the completion of our smart technology projects requires active project management from our staff to ensure protocols are met, design plans are followed and that any as-built documentation is updated whenever new work orders or changes occur. Since different groups may be working on security, AV and lighting subsystems separately it’s important to have a dedicated project manager in charge of bringing them all together. Our project managers oversee and communicate with technicians, contractors, and subcontractors to ensure they’re following the project design and staying within schedule.

Commissioning & Rack Build

At this stage we have procured all the equipment for the project. We build out the equipment racks, commission and test all equipment at our production facility. The system will also have it’s programming tested as well at this stage. This stage of the build process is vital as it allows for the proper testing of all equipment well before it arrives at your home. All programming can be tested and debugged – allowing for a much more efficient installation at your home when the site is ready for the finish stage.

Commissioning & ServiceLIVE

Our company prides itself on its commitment to excellence and works hard to ensure the last details at the end of the project are taken care of. This includes getting the lighting keypad engravings completed, making small adjustments to lighting and shading scenes as you get familiar with your new home and system. Calibrating the audio zones in your home so they sound and perform as intended. We implement a process called ServiceLIVE that ensures that the moment you begin to use the technology in your home, our 24/7 support team is ready to help as you become familiar with your new system.

Implementation & Finish Stage

After the commissioning and rack build are complete and the site is ready, it’s time for the final installation to take place. Our team will install all equipment including displays, keypads and speakers as laid in the original plans. Our staff has multiple certifications needed to know the unique installation requirements for all our manufacturers. They follow the exact design approved by you or your team to deliver an intuitive and reliable system that matches your performance expectations.

Maintenance & Support

We offer world-class service for all our projects in the form of ongoing maintenance and support to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. All technology experiences some wear and tear, so we constantly fine-tune your system to ensure it meets all your performance and functionality standards. We offer service plans tailored to your project which include 24/7 remote system management, tech support, priority response time and yearly on-site tech reviews. We’ll also serve as your technology advisor and let you know when we hear of new technology that may enhance your system performance.

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Whatever your vision, we’re here to make it happen. Contact us today for more information and next steps.

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