Our Story

Graytek was started by James and Caroline Gray in 2003 out of their home. James brought expertise in business, technology and construction, and Caroline in finance and business management.

Although this initial team was small, together they developed the business, completed increasingly complex projects and earned a great reputation.

Building the company from the ground up, James and Caroline were able to define and establish Graytek's mission and values and build on this strong foundation - always striving to move forward with integrity, and exceeding customers' expectations - for all projects, big or small.

Graytek today has a strong team of fourteen individuals with expertise in key areas of the business - design, production and programming. They now work out of a 5,000 square-foot Design and Production Centre, with a demonstration home minutes away. This fully operational integrated demonstration home shows clients how Graytek offers real life solutions that have been tried and tested.

Graytek has won several industry awards recognising their projects as best in class in North America, and now works on some of the largest homes in the Vancouver area.
James started Graytek in 2003 and continues to drive the development of the company with his intimate knowledge of the industry, technical expertise and experience, and solution oriented approach. He has won two International CEDIA Awards for projects that he designed.

Caroline has been working with James since the start of Graytek and continues to hold responsibility for the finance and administration of the company. Caroline's business and finance background provides lots of ideas of how to keep improving the way we do things and how we can better serve our clients.

Shawn has been in the Audio Video Industry for 12 years - beginning as a Technician specializing in Video Calibration and Racking. He is now a key member of the Graytek team working with our clients and the design/build community to find solutions for each home or project that he works on. He is a great listener and wants to understand what is important to our clients. Shawn's experience as a musician also provides him a unique understanding of sound quality and how it can be optimized in different set-ups.

Peter has a passion for technology and this is demonstrated in his enthusiasm to stay current on new products and to see how they can be integrated into our solutions. Peter works with our installation team and is part of the process from rough-in through to the final completion of a project. Peter also has a strong IT background so is involved in many of the configurations of our systems.

Ken has fifteen years' experience in all aspects of the custom Audio Video Industry. His skills extend from understanding the technical design to the implementation of systems and complete project management - which makes him a great resource throughout the course of a project. Ken's experience with millwork design and "fit and finish" is a great complement to our design and installation work and he is also an expert in lighting, shading and integration solutions.

Andre is one of the most experienced programmers in our industry. He has been programming automation systems for over 10 years, including some of the most notable projects on the West Coast. He has developed touch panel graphic flow that reflects the ease of use that we strive to provide for our clients. Andre is a great resource for answering "is it possible?" and can provide creative solutions from his years of experience and extensive knowledge of system design.

Rory Rory has been involved in residential integration since 2005 - starting as a Technician and now has experience working in all stages of a project. Rory's experience as a technician significantly enhances his ability to design systems for our clients that are both creative and functional. His responsibilities include design and proposal generation, and extend to full system design and operational assessment. Rory is a great resource for technical integration questions in working with other systems in the home (heating and cooling, electrical and lighting). His own love for music, means that that the systems he designs will always sound excellent!

John has been working in the residential integration industry for 6 years. He has extensive experience installing audio/video and integration solutions as well as a passion for 2-channel music. John is also a skilled craftsman in millwork and other finishing work. This unique combination of talents makes him invaluable in turning a system design into a lifestyle experience

Chris is Security and Alarm certified, and has been working in the security industry since 2006. He has a background in both commercial and residential systems and has worked on both large and small projects. Chris has a strong technical background in Security, Access Control, and CCTV & IP based camera systems. Chris works with our installation team to provide the best possible security solutions for Graytek’s clients.

Wesley was introduced to the electronics industry in 2000, with a Telecommunications Electronics Technician's diploma. Early years with Telus as a cellular tower worker, Optik TV installer, ADSL tier 2 operator and structured cable technician. He has spent the last 13 years working as a custom audio/video technician. Wes is an efficient and steady technician. Always ready to help your technological encounters be enjoyable and easy.

Charles has been in the home and commercial audio video industry for 5 years. As the manager of the Graytek warehouse he supports our technical staff with high quality delivery of installation and service to Graytek’s clients. His background allows him to test and repair equipment in need of service along with working with industry suppliers. Charles has a passion for audio fabrication as well as acoustics and continues to improve his knowledge in the industry and maximize internal efficiency.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to be a successful business that serves our Customers, Employees and the Community in which we live and work with integrity and passion. We are committed to doing this by living out the values that we believe in.

We will serve

our customers by always going above and beyond expectations

our employees by providing jobs that are engaging, challenging and fulfilling

our community by supporting involvement of our employees and their families

As a company we are committed to these values, which if upheld, will enable us to fulfill our mission.

People first
Respect everyone we work with
Provide value but never sacrifice quality
We do what we say
Always do the right thing
Move forward with creativity, passion and excellence