Your home, your way - total home control

Our team can provide you with an integrated home that gives you an entertainment experience, a comfortable home and peace of mind.

As we begin around the board room table in our design and production centre, we will listen carefully to you and your architect or designer. First we want to understand what you want, and then we will discuss the possibilities and options that would work within your budget.

Your visit to our fully integrated demonstration home will give you a hands on experience in a real life situation. This transforms technical drawings and discussion into reality.

We enjoy working closely with architects, designers, builders and sub-trades to complete your integrated home. And when your project is finished we love to stay in touch and offer continuing support and help with future projects.

See the attached summary of our services.
Your Entertainment

We believe that being at home should be enjoyable. Adding integration and control will enhance that! Our team has many solutions to fit your lifestyle

Enjoy your music collection throughout your home and outdoor areas

Experience a world class home theatre

Entertain in a media room perfect for watching the game or looking at your family photo library

Watch any of your video sources throughout your home
Your Comfort

We believe that your home should be your most comfortable place to be. Controlling key elements of your home can provide the perfect environment to make this a reality.

Lighting - set the mood in a room with one touch

Environment - enjoy consistent heating and cooling to your comfort level

Shading - manage your window coverings to protect art work and furniture

Control - use your Apple devices, remotes, touch panels or key pads to manage your experience
Your Safety

We believe that you should always feel safe in your home and have peace of mind when you are travelling.

  • Remote access from anywhere in the world
  • Never have to ask - "did I close the garage door?"
  • Your home never looks empty while you are away
  • Lights, music and shading to mirror your living habits
  • Never come home to a dark house
  • Receive email alerts of events in your home

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